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Filipino/Phillipino/Indonesian Styles

Filipino/Phillipino Styles

(One should note that the Filipino and Indonesian styles are often closely related and interconnected. Thus, pages that may be primarily under one designation may also have arts from the other. -- Danny 11/28/95)

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Indonesian Styes

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Malaysian Styes

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Thai Styles

  • Muay Thai Academy International in San Jose, CA. (I have been to 2 seminars there and I really like the place. -- Danny)
    The head instructor is Nirmalya Bhowmick (bhowmick@BEST.COM). They specialize in Muay Thai and executive protection. It's a really nice place with lots of bags, lots of floor space, and a full size fighting ring. The address is:
    Muay Thai Academy International
    270B South 22nd Street
    San Jose, CA 95116, USA
    (408) 279-3050/3086 (Phone)
    (408) 279-3086 (FAX)

  • World Championship Kickboxing Home Page
  • Welcome to Mousel's Self-Defense Academy Home Page. Poster/instructor Tim Mousel ( writes:
    We are a martial arts organization dedicated to the promotion of Bruce Lee's Jeet Kune Do Concepts, Thaiboxing, Grappling, Filipino Martial Arts, Boxing, and Women's Self-Defense through seminars, classes and instructional videotapes.
  • Amateur Division of the World Kickboxing Association posted by WKA HQ (Webmaster @ WKA Amateurs ). They write:
    The World Kickboxing Association is a worldwide association of clubs in almost 100 countries. Kickboxing, Thaiboxing, full contact.
  • Cooper's Kickboxing and Muay Thai Gym-USA (in Detroit, MI) posted by Jeff (
  • Dubuque Martial Arts Group posted by Chris Weitz ( They write:
    We offer classes in Muay Thai, Kali-Escrima-Arnis, Jun Fan Gung Fu, JKD, and grappling. So please check us out!
  • Melchor Menor & Team 'M' posted by ( They write:
    Photos, news, and Muay Thai videos.
  • Scorpions Thai Boxing UK posted by Roly Baldwin ( They write:
    This site was launched in October 99 and has everything you might want to read about Muay Thai in the UK and elsewhere. Plenty of pictures, quick to load and well written too!
  • Trident GMU Thai Boxing and Trident Jiu-Jitsu posted by Ben Gilbert ( ). He writes:
    We are a group affiliated with Navy SEAL Pat Tray and his instructors, Ajarn Chai Sirisute, Guro Dan Inosanto, Rigan Machado, Sensei Erik Paulson, and Paul Vunak. We run Thai Boxing classes that are geared towards setting a foundation in the fundamentals while getting a kick-butt workout. We hope to run jiu-jitsu - grappling - submission wrestling classes in the fall of 2001.
    (Added 9/28/01 -- DYA)
  • posted by ( ).
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    Vietnamese Styles

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