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    Heaven Six Sinawalli

From Arnis Balite :
    From The Balintawak Eskrima Page
    Slap and Slap Again (835k)
    Slap and Slap Again (alt intro) (328k)
    Two Handed Strike (442k)
    Hitting the Thumb (369k)
    Grab and Grab Again (328k)
    Bar From Below to Trap and Hit (334k)
    Attack into the Centeline (469k)
    Jamming and Slicing (321k)
    Jamming and Stabbing (455k)
    Turning the Opponent (417k)
    Power Slap (180k)
    Fan Over the Head (234k)

From Burton Richardson's Jeet Kune Do Unlimited:
    Knife Disarm details
    Stickgrappling details

From Cambridge Academy of Martial Arts:
    Single Stick Training
    Empty Hand Training
    Heaven Six

From Der Deutsche Arnis Verband:
    Angle One defense with counters (85k)

From Filipino Martial Arts (Cartagena Espana):
    Solo Baston (84k)
    Doble Baston (175k)
    Espada y Daga (99k)
    Cuchillo (100k)
    Panatukan (129k)

Full Contact Stick Fighting in Hawaii:
    Four animations of FC head shots

From International Kali Arnis Eskrima Federation:
    Angles of Attack
    Sinawali (12 gifs)
    SingleStick (5 gifs)
    Espada e Daga (2 gifs)
    Knife (7 gifs)
    Empty Hands (8 gifs)

Empty-Hands vs.Weapon Attack

From The Muslim Martial Arts and Fighting Skills
    Stick vs Stick and Disarm
    Stick vs Stick & Sipat Kicking
    Empty Hand Fighting

From the Pekiti-Tirsia Europe Organisation :
    Panatuken and Takedown
    Kamot vs. Knife and Takedown

Sayoc International Group, Inc.:
    Ralphs Finish Cut
    Projectiles 1
    Sayoc Basic Knife Grips
    3 of 9 Vital Template

From the Tiger Academy of Martial Arts :
    6 Animations

From Tuhon McGrath of Pekiti-Tirsia International:
    Angles 1-12 of Pekiti-Tirsia

From VAMA: Virginia Martial Arts:
    Guro Defensor - Inside Sweep (126k)
    Guros Defensor and Draney - knife drill (165k)

From Visayan Martial Arts:
    Henry Jayme & Teofilo Velez (3 FPC) (1.3m)
    Ramon Velez & Manny Loguias (900k)