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Filipino Martial Arts and Related Readings

Barangay: 16th Century Philippine Culture and Society, Scott

Cracks in the Parchment Curtain and Other Essays in Philippine History, Scott

A Dictionary of Universally Used Fencing Terminology, Gaugler

Renaissance Swordsmanship: Rapiers & Cut-n-Thrust Swords, Clements

Quick or Dead, William Cassidy

Cold Steel: Technique of Close Combat, John Styers

Get Tough! How to Win in Hand-to-Hand Fighting, Fairbairn

Indonesian Fighting Fundamentals, Bob Orlando

Kill Or Get Killed, Col. Rex Applegate

Pananandata Yantok At Daga, Amante Marinas

Pananandata Knife Fighting, Amante Marinas

Placido Yambao's Art of Arnis

Modern Arnis, Remy Presas

Modern Arnis; The Filipino Art of Stick Fighting w/video, R.Presas

Balisong: The Lethal Art of Filipino Knife Fighting, Campbell & Umpad

Filipino Martial Culture, Mark Wiley

Weapons and Fighting Arts of Indonesia, Donn Draeger

Survival / Fighting Knives, Leroy Thompson

Knives, Knife Fighting & Related Hassels, Marc "Animal" MacYoung

Prison's Bloody Iron: Deadly Knife Fighting, Jenks & Brown

Scourge of the Dark Continent: Martial Use of the African Sjambok, Loriega

Sevillian Steel: Traditional Knife-Fighting Arts of Spain, Loriega

Complete Book of Knife Fighting, William Cassidy

Put'em Down Take'em Out! Knife Fighting from Folson Prison, Pentecost

Sicilian Blade: The Art of Sicilian Stiletto Fighting, Quattrocchi

Slash & Thrust, John Sanchez

Blade Master: Advanced Survival Skills for the Knife Fighter, Sanchez

The Kris: Mystic Weapon of the Malay World, Edward Frey

The World of the Javanese Keris, Garrett & Solyom

A History of the Mountain Province, Howard Fry

Book of the Sword, Richard Burton

Knife Self-Defense for Combat, M.Echanis

Knife Fighting, Knife Throwing for Combat, M.Echanis

Basic Stick Fighting for Combat, M.Echanis

Knife Throwing: Sport - Survival - Defense, Blackie Collins

Knife Throwing, Harry McEvoy

Knife & Tomahawk Throwing, Harry McEvoy

KGB Alpha Team Training Manual

Championship Streetfighting, Ned Beaumont

Living The Martial Way, Maj. Forrest Morgan

Spiritual Dimensions of the Martial Arts, Maliszewski

The Martial Artist's Book of Five Rings, Steve Kaufman

The Art of War: A Martial Artist's Translation, Kaufman

Zen in the Martial Arts, Joe Hyams

The Warrior as Healer, Joiner

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