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301w x 547h, 45 KbPatch Set #1
259w x 252h, 13 Kb, from George Petrotta, Idabel, OKNational Tae Kwon Do
293w x 245h, 14 Kb, from Darren Crookshanks, Lisburn, N.IrelandG.B.T.A.
309w x 309h, 19 Kb, from George Petrotta, Idabel, OKFederation of Independent Tae Kwon Do
297w x 297h, 18 Kb, from George Petrotta, Idabel, OKHapkido Sun Moo Kwan
320w x 314h, 19 Kb, from George Petrotta, Idabel, OKNorth American Hapkido Association
305w x 315h, 20 Kb, from John Leylegian, Princeton, NJWorld Tae Kwon Do Association
240w x 158h, 8 KbTUSA

292w x 507h, 26 KbPatch Set #2
236w x 230h, 11 Kb, from Todd Brandel, Boise, IDKim's United Taekwon-Karate Center
231w x 228h, 11 KbKwon's W.T.F.
236w x 233h, 10 Kb, from Bob Follett, Tewksbury, MAKwon's
266w x 265h, 13 Kb, from Dana Glasspool, Burlington, WIMartial Arts for Life Academy
269w x 267h, 14 Kb, from Scott McCue, Woods Hole, MAHwang's Tae Kwon Do
269w x 268h, 11 Kb, from Kevin Dowell, St.Francis, MNFlying Colors School of Karate
274w x 265h, 13 Kb, from Marcelo Sarkis, Ontario, CanadaBalk's Tae kwon Do
270w x 256h, 13 Kb, from Geoff Booth, Liverpool NSW, AustraliaInternational Hapkido Alliance

316w x 483h, 31 KbPatch Set #3
171w x 392h, 11 Kb, from Holcombe Thomas, Pusan, Korea?Kyung Moo Kwan
298w x 302h, 17 Kb, from Holcombe Thomas, Pusan, KoreaThe Korea Hapkido Federation, The Kyung Moo Kwan
326w x 190h, 11 Kb, from Barry Nauta, NetherlandsTaekwondo Bond Nederland
302w x 318h, 19 KbSouthwest TaeKwon Do Association
282w x 279h, 15 Kb, from Geoff Booth, Liverpool NSW, AustraliaHapkido Australian Group
138w x 310h, 9 Kb, from Brett Kraiger, Wellington, NZBrooklyn TKD

318w x 500h, 34 KbPatch Set #4
270w x 284h, 13 Kb, from Carsten JorgensenHwa Rang Do
280w x 330h, 14 Kb, from Carsten JorgensenHwa Rang Do
266w x 275h, 16 Kb, from Joey Stinson, Park City, KYThe Cumberland Martial Arts Association
329w x 298h, 15 Kb, from Sean Hawkins, Beacon, NYUnited Tae Kyon Federation
235w x 237h, 9 Kb, from Tony Preston, New JerseySilver's Karate Center
245w x 247h, 12 Kb, from Jay Ferguson, Newton, MACho's Olympic Tae Kwon Do
253w x 253h, 15 Kb, from Robert Hostetler, Indianapolis, IndianaKorea Tae Kwon Do Academy

311w x 468h, 31 KbPatch Set #5
408w x 379h, 23 Kb, from George Petrotta, Idabel, OKUniversal Tae Kwon Do Brotherhood
306w x 319h, 16 Kb, from Sandy Krueger, West Allis, WIHong's Tae Kwon Do
320w x 324h, 17 KbTae Kwon Do Ji Do Kwan
282w x 281h, 14 Kb, from Kurt Rommel, McLean, VAMountain-Kim Tae Kwon Do
291w x 282h, 16 Kb, from Michelle Manes, Boston, MAJae Hun Kim Tae Kwon Do

312w x 494h, 36 KbPatch Set #6
251w x 276h, 15 KbAmerican Teachers Association of the Martial Arts
328w x 323h, 27 Kb, from Ray TerryKorean Master J. W. Suh Tae Kwon Do Martial Arts
313w x 377h, 24 Kb, from Ray TerryHyong's Martial Arts Academy
351w x 267h, 16 Kb, from Grand Master Han-Jae JiKorea Sin Moo Hapkido
279w x 276h, 13 Kb, from Carolyn Spetland, New Haven, CTTang Soo Do Mi Guk Kwan
327w x 327h, 16 Kb, from Jon WardWard's Tae Kwon Do Self Defense Institute

320w x 485h, 37 KbPatch Set #7
307w x 300h, 18 Kb, from Wade Meeker ??, Corpus Christi, TXOriental Sports Center Korean Martial Arts
274w x 266h, 14 Kb, from John Hughes, UKAction International Martial Arts Association, Brikenhead Taekwondo Schools
274w x 279h, 14 Kb, from Jesse Greenawalt, Milton, PAThe American Federation of Jujitsu & Arnis and ChinMuKwan School
398w x 401h, 33 Kb, from Michael Harb, Sydney, NSW, AustraliaJAI Martial Arts Kenpo Hapkido
305w x 309h, 16 Kb???
305w x 304h, 15 Kb, from Steve Mower, Woodbury Heights, NJYi's Karate Tang Soo Do I.M.A.

305w x 461h, 36 KbPatch Set #8
250w x 245h, 14 Kb, from Ray TerryThe World Taekwondo Federation
287w x 286h, 19 Kb, from Ray TerryJ. W. Suh's Tae Kwon Do Center
311w x 310h, 22 Kb, from Ray TerryInternational Combat Hapkido Federation
281w x 279h, 18 Kb, from Ray TerryKorea Taekwondo Association
318w x 327h, 22 Kb, from Ray TerryThe World Hapkido Federation
271w x 274h, 15 Kb, from Ray TerryTang Soo Do Moo Duk Kwan

319w x 482h, 37 KbPatch Set #9
316w x 308h, 19 KbFederation International Tae Kwon Do
304w x 305h, 18 KbTang Soo Do Korea
311w x 317h, 18 KbTae Kwon Do Ji Do Kwan
321w x 320h, 21 Kb, from Erik Kluzek, Logan, UTTae Kwon Do Chung Do Kwan
278w x 277h, 14 Kb, from Andrew Gage, East Amherst, NYMaster Chong's Tae Kwon Do
313w x 311h, 18 KbTae Kwon Do Moo Duk Kwan

316w x 477h, 36 KbPatch Set #10
310w x 309h, 21 Kb, from George Petrotta, Idabel, OKWorld Tae Kwon Do Association
311w x 310h, 19 KbMartial Arts Institute of the Berkshires
308w x 312h, 17 Kb, from Mike Heeney, Hamilton, New ZealandNew Zealand Tae Kwon Do Federation, Inc.
318w x 316h, 17 KbChung Do Kwan Alliance
313w x 315h, 19 KbTiger Lim's Tae Kwon Do
310w x 316h, 14 Kb, from Ben Williams, Glasgow, MTThe Dojang - Glasgow's Center for the Martial Arts

320w x 464h, 34 KbPatch Set #11
305w x 303h, 18 Kb, from Wade Meeker ??, Corpus Christi, TXLumampao Institute Martial Arts
312w x 308h, 15 Kb, from John L. Holloway, Silver Spring, MDGentle East Martial Arts
286w x 286h, 15 Kb, from Laguna Hills, CAAmerican Martial Arts Athletic Academy
280w x 283h, 18 Kb, from Steve Alexander, Toronto, CanadaGhasry Academy of Martial Arts
312w x 311h, 17 Kb, from George Petrotta, Idabel, OKChang-Hun Taekwon-Do Association
316w x 289h, 17 Kb, from David Soruco, Bloomington, INIndiana University Self-Defense Club

316w x 506h, 40 KbPatch Set #12
307w x 306h, 17 Kb, from Lee Yu Jin, Malacca, MalaysiaPersekutuan Taekwon-Do Antarabangsa Malaysia
304w x 307h, 19 Kb, from George Petrotta, Idabel, OKWorld Moosul Kwan Federation
260w x 263h, 15 KbJ.A.I. Tae Kwon Do Academy
345w x 352h, 22 Kb, from Rhee International Tae Kwon Do (Australia)
294w x 305h, 16 Kb, from Diana Woods, Austin, TXTukong Martial Arts USA
335w x 347h, 28 Kb, from Brian Karas, Palo Alto, CAWest Coast Taekwondo

321w x 491h, 39 KbPatch Set #13
321w x 313h, 19 Kb, from Yves Morin, Quebec, CanadaClub de Taekwon-Do Baie-Comeau
326w x 336h, 18 Kb, from Wade Meeker and Ed Weber, Ft.Worth, TXWon Park Tae Kwon Do
307w x 307h, 20 KbU.S. Tae Kwon Do Ji Do Kwan Association
317w x 314h, 20 Kb, from Mike Martyn, British ColumbiaMaster Lee's Tae Kwon Do School
322w x 314h, 17 Kb, from George Petrotta, Idabel, OKUniversal Martial Arts Brotherhood
306w x 306h, 18 Kb, from Danilo Fonseca, Washington, DCAmerican Tae Kwon Do International

320w x 480h, 38 KbPatch Set #14
312w x 311h, 21KbAmerican Tang Soo Do Association
317w x 312h, 21 Kb, from Brent Balfanz, Albertville, MNAlbertville Martial Arts Center
315w x 321h, 18 KbFédération Internationale de Taekwon-Do
316w x 325h, 18 KbByrne's Tang Soo Do
313w x 310h, 19 Kb, from Jay Fallik, Buffalo, NYU. C. Shin Tae Kwon Do Chung Do Kwan
325w x 322h, 17 Kb, from Joe Aznar, FloridaInternational Taekwon-Do Center

299w x 262h, 18 KbPatch Set #15
259 x 257h, 10 Kb, from Ray TerryUnited States Taekwon Do Union
255w x 275h, 18 Kb, from Ray TerryLaw Enforcement Alliance of America
280w x 197h, 15 Kb, from Ray TerryAmerican Flag
285w x 196h, 11 Kb, from Ray TerryKorean Flag

"Patch Set #16"
450 x 452h, 35 KbNortheastern Tae Kwon Do Academy
381w x 394h, 22 KbAmerican Dae Woong Chung-Assocation Taekwondo
375w x 353h, 33 Kb, from Julian LimKorean Martial Arts Association, Malaysia
275w x 278h, 9 KbKo Mu Do Kwan, Wichita, KS
258w x 239h, 11 KbHapkido Karate Fitness Institute, Geneva, IL
358w x 532h, 34 KbYu's Martial Art California Moo Duk Kwan
Glenn Kwan / Canadian Martial Arts Assoc
183w x 182h, 9 KbKwan's Kempo Karate

359w x 283h, 31 KbKempo Sho-Kai
99w x 100h, 4 KbGenki-Do Kempo Karate
338w x 296h, 22 KbChukido-Kwan Combat System
100w x 100h, 3 KbRed Kempo Fists
64w x 64h, 2KbCMAA logo (not really a patch)
434w x 433h, 33 Kb, Sacramento, CAOwing's ATA Black Belt Academy
299w x 302, 6 KbGreenbrier TKD Academy, Lewisburg, WV
from Ray TerryPatch Set #17
from JR West, Rudy Timmerman and Ali Al-NasserPatch Set #18
from George Petrotta and Rick NaborsPatch Set #19
from Dave Weller and Marc DennyPatch Set #20
from Stan Lim, Karla ??? and Steve KincadePatch Set #21
all from JR WestPatch Set #22
all from JR WestPatch Set #23
all from JR WestPatch Set #24
from Vic Cushing and Denise Lee.  ROK Tiger Div from Internet Patch Set #25
all from Deana Rule Patch Set #26
all from Deana Rule Patch Set #27
from various officer friends and students Patch Set #28
from various officer friends and students Patch Set #29
from Hwang Patch Set #30
from Dojo AtamianChoson Do Society
from Dana & Jeff YeagleyAmerican Federation Fighting Arts

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