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The proxy.cgi redirect script is a utility to be used with the Fluid Dynamics
Search Engine.

What It Does

Visitors who wish to view a search result can request this proxy.cgi script
instead, with the destination URL passed as a parameter.  This proxy script
will request the URL on their behalf, and then display it to the visitor
with all search terms highlighted in bold yellow.  This should help the
visitor find the sought-after information.

More?  See:

How To Enable

First, install FDSE and make sure it works normally for normal search

Next, test the proxy.cgi script by requesting it directly.

Then edit the "line_listing.txt" template.  Add a link below the search
results as follows:

# for *.pl script:

<br /><a href="">
View with Highlighted Search Terms</a>

# for *.cgi script:

<br /><a href="proxy.cgi?terms=%url_terms%&url=%url_url%">
View with Highlighted Search Terms</a>

On some systems, this script will be named, or proxy.cgi, or
proxy.somthing.  On those systems, simply use that alternate filename.

Copyright 2004 by Zoltan Milosevic; distributed under the same terms as FDSE.