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International Combat Hapkido Federation
Combat Hapkido "Chon-Tu Kwan HapKiDo", officially recognized as a legitimate "Kwan" of HapKiDo by the Kido-Hae.

International Hapkido Federation
Grand Master Bong Soo Han first introduced Hapkido into the United States in 1967, and was featured in the motion picture "Billy Jack".

International Hapkido Federation
The U.S. site for the IHF. World President: Myong Jae Nam USA President: Myung Sung Kang Master Instructor: Jino Kang

International Hoshinkido Hapkido Federation 
GM Serge Baubil. Hoshinkido Hapkido is a new Korean martial art system that has been recognized by the Korea KidoHae .

Korea Hapkido Federation
"Official" site, link to the US Headquarters. 

korkidoa.gif (12543 bytes) Korea Kido Association 
Korean website for Korea Kido Association. Includes English site.

National Korean Martial Arts Association 
Grand Master Rudy Timmerman. NKMAA Inc. is a Government registered nonprofit association dedicated to provide politically free assistance and support to Korean style martial artists of all ranks and disciplines.
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Sin Moo Hapkido Official Website
Grandmaster Ji Han Jae, the founder of the art of Hapkido, includes info on new official video set.
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United States Korean Martial Arts Federation
Master J. R. West, 8th degree Black Belt. Korea HapKiDo Association (DaeHan KiDoHwe) Cert #186 HapKiDo Black Belt since 1967.

World Hapkido Federation
Headed by Grandmaster Kwang Sik Myung, 10th Degree Black Belt Hapkido, President and Founder of the World Hapkido Federation.

World KIDO Federation
Official site for The World Kido Fed. as headed by GM In Sun Seo, brother to Kuk Sool Won founder GM In Hyuk Suh.

American Hapkido Association
Established by the late Grandmaster Michael J. Wollmershauser, 8th Degree and third highest ranked under  founder Choi, Yong Sool.
American Hapkido Hurk Choo Kwan Association 
Grandmaster Ronald R. Suggs, President. Founded by Supreme GM Jin, Jong Moon & Supreme GM Jin, Bok Moon.
Asociacion Eagle Park Taekwondo Yucatan
Mexican TKD association. Professor Jorge Braga.

Asociacion Espaņola de Ho Shin Hap Ki Do
Spanish Hapkido Organization.
Asociacion Mexicana de Sin Moo Hapkido
Ofiicial Mexican website for GM Ji Han Jae's Sin Moo Hapkido Association.

Australian Hapkido Group
Australian based organization as headed by Master Geoff Booth
Austrian Sin Moo Hapkido Association  
Master Walter Hubmann
Flying Eagles Bong Korean Hap Ki Do  
Setup in Singapore during the 1960's. GM, Tan Sar Bee Sunny, of the association has a 9th dan in HAPKIDO,a 8th dan in TaeKwondo and 6th dan in "Koong Goo Duk".

Flying Eagle Hapkido

Member of The Korea Hapkido Federation &The Korea Hapkido Federation of Jin Jung Kwan.

Francisco's Sin Moo Hapkido
Pinole, Ca.
Grand Master Lee's IHKA Official Web Site
Int'l Hapkido Karate Association, GM James Bond Lee

Han-Kuk Hap Ki Do
Hap Ki Do Homepage Chung Mu Kwan  
German Site
Hapkido International Association
President Master Jong Hyuk Kim, 8th Dan Black Belt of the International Hapkido Federation, South Korea. Affiliated with the International Hapkido Federation.
Hapkido Um Yang Kwan 
Master Alexandre Gomes
Hapkido Kudokwan
Finn Hapkido Kudokwan Association
Korea Hapkiyusul Yong Sul Kwan. "We announce all thing of Choi Young Sul Dojunim widely and truly, and are practicing Hapkisul not by metaphysical debates but by our bodies to preserve Hapkisul of Choi Dojunim without any deformed technique".
Hoi Jeon Moo Sool Web Page  
Grand Master Myung Jae Ok.
Huk Ju Sool Hapkido
World Huk Ju Sool Hapkido Association Official website, Master Pedro Rodriguez

Hwalmoo Hapkido  
Gm Moon, Bueng-tae, president Hwalmoo Hapkido

International Hapkido Argentina
Member of Int'l Hapkido Federation, online videos

International Hapkido Federation
US Headquarters
International Hapkido Federation Belgium

International Hapkido Federation  
GM James Benko
Int'l Modern Hapkido Federation

International and Dutch HKD Federation

International Progressive Hap-Ki-Do Association

Iron Fist Ancient Royal HapKido Federation

Jin Pal Hapkido
One of three 10 Dan in the world, GM Kim Jin Pal. The Jin Pal Hapkido Federation has signed a exclusive representative in North America (Including Canada) with Korea Hapkido Association (newly known as New Korean Martial Arts Hapkido Federation)
Jungki Hapkido and Kuhapdo of America  
Choi Yong Sool HKD

Jung Ki Kwan  
GM Hyun-Su Lim, Korea

Jung-Woo Hwal-Mu Hapkido Homepage
GM Byung-Tae Moon, South Korea

Korea Hapkido Federation Web Site
Korea's official governing body for the martial art of Hapkido and the world's premier Hapkido organization.

Midwest Hapkido Group - The World Hapkido Federation  
Daniel Pinkowski,
Midwest Director, 5th Degree Black Belt

Modern American Hapkido Association  
Art St. Armand, 6th Dan Black Belt and Certified Master Instructor of the World Traditional Hapkido Federation under GM Dr.Jung Hwan Park.

National Belgian Hapkido Union  
M. Yvan De Wever.
Korean Hwalmoo Hapkido Assosiation
Shin Koo Hapkido

Spain Sin Moo Hapkido Association
Kwan Chang Nim Rafael Balbastre, 7th Dan of Hapkido, 5th Dan of Taekwondo

U.S. Hapki Hae  
IHF, Chief Master Shelton R. Moreland
United Combat Arts  
UCA United Hapkido System
World Moosul Kwan Federation  
GM Derman Hodge

World Hap Ki Do  
Han Kuk Hapkido. GM Choe

World Hapkido Federation  
Headed by Grandmaster Kwang Sik Myung, 10th Degree Black Belt Hapkido, President and Founder of the World Hapkido Federation.

World Hosin-Hapkido Federation  
Founded by one of the pioneers of martial arts in the United States, Dr. Daeshik Kim, announced reorganization of the INTERNATIONAL SOCIETY of HOSINSUL (the name has been changed to the World Hosin-Hapkido Federation)
World Independent Hap-Ki-Do Federation

World KIDO Federation  
Official site for The World Kido Fed. as headed by GM In Sun Seo, brother to Kuk Sool Won founder GM In Hyuk Suh.

World Traditional Hapkido Federation
Grandmaster Dr. Jung Hwan Park, Master Art St.Armand
World United Hapkido Association  
Headquarters of the World United Hapkido Association. Grandmaster Daniel T. Rogers is currently the President and founder of the World United Hapkido association and the head instructor at the American Hapkido Academy.