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Ancient historical Overview of Taekwondo
The historical background of Taekwondo development will be explained following the chronological order of 4 different ages; Ancient Times, Middle Ages, Modern Ages and Present Times.

Dakin Burdick's History of T'aekwondo
One of the best "published" histories I have come across so far.  As published in volume 6, issue 1, of the Journal of Asian Martial Arts.

Carolina Taekwondo TKD History Page
This history was compiled and written by Keith T. Krotish.

History of Chang Moo Kwan
Byung In Yoon developed his skills in Japanese Shudokan to the level of 4th dan while living in Japan and attending Nihon University. Having been raised in Manchuria, Yoon was already proficient in Chuan Fa. Following the end of World War II, these two masters formed what was to become Chang Moo Kwan.

Problems in the Identity & Philosophy of T'aegwondo, & Their Historical Causes
Interesting article by Steve Capener on Modern TKD. Courtesy of Big Sky TKD.

Modern History of TKD
By Kang Won Sik and Lee Kyong Myong.


Academic Taekwondo  
TKD as a grade earning subject. The Academic Taekwondo Program is a Fully Accredited Taekwondo Curriculum
taught as a non-elective Graded Subject in  Elementary Middle School Levels (grades K-8)


Basic Martial Arts Forms Cross Reference
Excellent reference for TKD/TSD based forms

KKW Forms in MPEG format
From the Korean Taekwondo Association website. Download either large or small movies. (Link to TKD Resources section).

KMAI: ITF Forms illustrated
TaeKwon-Do Hyung Diagrams from the Korean Martial Arts Institute of Lapeer, Michigan.

NTHI TKD: Patterns/Hyungs:
Some ITF Hyungs in MPEG Format. Warning: These guys are fast. :-)

School of Taekwon-Do, Singapore - Great Forms Page
Contains a nice visual explanation of the ITF forms. Caution: Wants to install Comet Curser spyware

Shamelessly Unofficial TKD Hyung Resource
Good description of ALL TKD forms, old & new. Includes: Tae Geuks, Pal Gues, WTF BB forms, Chang Hon, Pyungs, Ki Cho's, etc.

Taranaki ITF Taekwon-Do Pattern Workout
Another good resource page for ITF style forms


One-Step Sparring Techniques
2nd Dans Jeff Hoff and Jerry Holmes of the International TKD Institute
demonstrate 10 One steps with pics.

UPENN One Step Sparring
Lots of great One steps on this site. Just click on the "Techniques" link.


Toward a Broader Taekwondo Curriculum
A Structured Incorporation of Basic Falls, Joint Locks, and Throws. If you have ever thought of adding a basic Hoshinsul (self defense) program to your training, this is a good place to start.


Competitor's Guide to the USTU Competition
English Translation for Competitors, Students, & Coaches. .Written by Ronda J. Sweet with Competition Tips Appendix by Master Stephen Dorshorst.


Coach Lee's Olympic Tae Kwon Do
Excellent competition videos by Coach Han Lee.
Coach of USA National TKD Team and Olympic Training Center TKD Teams.

The Science of Taekwondo Fighting
From TERC Resources, another great sparring video set from Dr. Jin Bang Yang of Yong-In University in Korea.

Basic Steps for Taekwondo
Master Sang Lee demonstrating the four basic WTF sparring steps; Junjin Step, Whojin Step, Ilbo Junjin Step, Ilbo Whojin Step.

University of Pennsylvania TKD Sparring Tips
Includes many tips for competition, including fighting taller & shorter fighters. Click on the "Training Tips" link.

WTF Competition Rules & Interpretations
Includes the new Kyong-go and Gam-jeom penalties, the new referee's hand signals, & the most recent weight categories.

World Taekwondo Federation Factbook
Rules and Regulations, Competition Rules, Organization of Taekwondo Championships, Regulations Governing "Order of Taekwondo".


Effect Of Practice On Pattern Changes: Roundhouse Kick
Submitted to the College of Health and Human Science, Texas Christian University, In partial fulfillment of the requirements For the degree of Master of Science, By Youngkwan Kim

KTA Competition Movies
A variety of viewable or downloadable videos from the KTA site available in MPEG or Real Video format.

Taekwondo Competition Tips
Master Stephen Dorshorst.

Taekwondo Training Tips
Useful Tips and Data for Taekwondo Competition from U.N.O. Martial Arts Club.

The Abdominal Training FAQ
Intended as an introduction to the basic principles of training the abdominal area.

NJVB: Plyometrics FAQ
One of the best ways to increase power and speed fast. Learn the basics as well as some good drills.

Stretching & Flexibility FAQ
Brad Appleton's guide to stretching. More than just a Faq, this is the ultimate on-line stretching manual.

Kicks' TaeKwon-Do Tournament Training
This program will help get you in shape for that first tournament of the season. Includes an 8 week schedule.

University of Pennsylvania TKD Club Drills
Plenty of great drills for building speed & endurance, as well as counters. Click on "Training Tips" Link.

Taekwondo Tutor
Taekwondo Tutor assists in learning the Korean martial art of Taekwondo by providing comprehensive information on all aspects of the art.


Korean Vocabulary for TaeKwonDo
Good vocabulary guide for TKD. Includes most basics, strikes & kicks. From the "Shamelessly Unofficial TKD Hyung Resource"

A Summary of Korean Terminology for TKD
The following is a list of Korean MA terminology as compiled by Brad Appleton.

Korean Terminology for TKD
A good glossary of Korean terminology from The Martial Arts Resource website.

ITF TKD Korean Terminology  
Looks like direct excerpts from General Choi's book. Also includes many other subjects from  the book.



All About Taekwondo
Korean site, Taekwonline.