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American Independent Karate Instructor's Association
American Kyuki-do Association
American Kyuki-Do Federation
Australian Tang Soo Tao Federation  
The late Master Robert Caputo, student of Grandmaster Hwang Kee introduced Tang Soo to Australia in the early 1970's and named the Australian art "Tang Soo Tao" to reflect his inclusion of Tibetan Buddhist philosophy.
Cha Yon Ryu Taekwondo
Grandmaster Kim Soo
Choi Kwang Do - International  
The 21st century martial art
Choi Shin Do World Federation  
Master Seung 0. Choi
Chon Ki Do - Kisul-won, Australia
Chuck Norris Official Website
Chung Moo Doe - Mid Atlantic Association
Global Tae Keuk Do Federation  
Toronto Canada, founder Inn Suk Pak
Han-Pul Instruction at the School of Martial, Meditative and Healing Arts
Hapmudo is a system of self-defense based on fundamental offensive and defensive techniques.
Ho Shin Do Karate
Hup Kwon Do International

Grand Master Lee Seng Hock

Institute of Traditional Asian-Arts

GM James Benko

Institute Of Yun Jung Do Martial Art College  
GM Young Ku Yun, Diploma Courses
International Choson Do Federation
The ICF was created to serve as a repository for the preservation of Traditional Korean Martial Arts as a whole, but more specifically ChoSon Kwon Bup (Morning Calm Fist Method), Taekwondo, and Hapkido, Grandmaster Ian Cyrus
International Sungja-Do Association  
HQ for the ISA as headed by GM George Petrotta
Ip Sun
Korean Tai Chi
Jung Sim Do
J. Pat Burleson's Karate USA
Ko Mu Do Kwan  
Master Dr. Gar Won Ko
Koo Self Defense International  
World Headquarters Homepage
Korea SimMuDo Association
The Website of the Korea SimMuDo Association, President Pan Gon Song.
Korea Ssireum Research Institute  
Korean Wrestling
Korean Martial Arts Instructors Association
Dr. Richard Hackworth, Florida, USA
Korean Martial Arts Research Association  
Han Guk Mu Sool
Korean United Martial Arts Association
Korean Martial Arts Federation  
GM James Benko

The history of Moo Sul Kwan goes back to Great Grandmaster Lee H. Park, when he brought Moo Sul Kwan to the United States from Korea in 1969.

Rhoades Korean Martial Arts Schools  
Master Michael Rhoades is the President and Founder of The Rhoades Korean Martial Arts Schools. The Rhoades Korean Martial Arts Schools are a member of the "The Korea Hapkido Federation" and "Korea Hapkido Jin Jung Kwan.
TaeKwonDo, Aikido combination art
Seong's Martial Arts Academy
Grandmaster Joon K. Seong,
7th Dan Black Belt, President of Pan-Am Martial Arts Federation
The Art of the 21st Century, GrandMaster Sergio G. Barriga, 9th Degree Black Belt
Sulsado - Korean Ninjutsu
Master Orlando Vetrano,5th Dan Black Belt in the Art of Sul Sa Do.
Sun Hang Do - The Complete Martial Art
Sun Hang Do Martial Arts combines the best styles from the whole world, including both hard and soft techniques. It's main objective is to unite the body and mind, so that the physical and mental part of the martial arts become as one.
Tae Keuk-Do  
Master M.J.O'Hara, Sault Ste Marie, Canada 
Tae Yun Kim & The Art of Jung Su Won
Tukong MooSul Martial Arts
Tukong Martial Arts was created by Grandmaster Wonik Yi and General Chang, Ki-Oh for South Korea's Special Forces. TukongUSA was founded by Grandmaster Wonik Yi in 1983.
United States Martial Arts Association
Universal Martial Arts Association   
USA Karate Federation  
Premier federation of the United States
United States Martial Arts Institute  
Founded by Dr. Daeshik Kim
Welcome to US Hankido
Hankido is a new hapkido style developed by the late grandmaster Myong Jae Nam after he had studied traditional hapkido. Developed since the 1960s, Hankido can be practiced without a partner but the techniques can be applied to situations where you have an opponent.
WIU Trad. Korean Royal Court Martial Arts
Chung Do Mu Sool
World Il-Do-Kwan F ederation  
American Ildokwan Martial Arts Ass.
World Dahn Moo Do Association
Website promoting the Dahn Moo Do style under Tae Sa Nym Hak-Sup Lee, President & Founder of the World Dahn Moo Do Association.
World Han Mu Do Association
New updated website for Dr. He-Young Kimm, one of the worlds leading authorities on Korean Martial Arts
World Ko Am Martial Arts Federation  
Jin Chung N.G. Guak Jun Kim Y. H. Jun
World Moosul Kwan Federation
The World Moosul Kwan Federation has been formed to provide qualified support, guidance, and unity for students and instructors of all martial arts. GM Derman B. Hodge
World Moon Moo Do Federation
World Mudo Federation
Founded by Grandmaster Yong Sung Lee. Hapmudo is based on the theory of circular defense as opposed to direct defense.

World Seikido
based on Taekwondo and Aikido
World Tae Kuk Mu Sul Association  
complete martial art, traditional Korean style
World Youn Wha Ryu Association
Grandmaster Han is a respected member of the martial arts community and was on the Board of Directors in the Korean Tae Kwon Do Federation in its early days. He helped design the Palgue forms presently used by the World Tae Kwon Do Federation.
Yun Jung Do International  
Australian GM Young Ku Yun
Zhang-Sah: TKA System
Choi Kwang Do
Australia Martial Arts Page
Choi Kwang Do
Chuck Norris Karate Studios  
Welcome to the Chuck Norris Karate Studios website
Classic Martial Arts  
The empty hand forms that we teach derived from the following arts and styles Tang Soo Do Moo Duk Kwan, Kwon Bup Kang Duk Won, So Rim Ba. The weapon forms are from the Chinese Korean art of Sip Pal Ki.
Danny Lane's World Martial Arts Center
Dragon Moo Do Gym Homepage
Hanmudo Pagina Holland
Ho Kwon's Champion School of Hwar Do
Ho Young Pak's National Martial Arts Academy
Hwa Rang Kwan Martial Arts

Hwa Rang Kwan, the oldest Korean martial arts center on the West Coast, was established in San Francisco in 1965, Grand Master D. K. Shin

International Hap Do Sool Academy - Martial Arts

Developed by Grandmaster Gwak, 9th Degree Black Belt.
Korean Martial Arts Institute - KMAI On-line ITA affiliate
Kuk Sul Do Martial Arts
Kuk Sool Won offshoot 
Kuk Sul Hapkido Martial Arts
Van Nuys California
MuSool Academy of Martial Arts
Dojang teaching HKD & TKD. Instructors Shelby Creech & Brian Stanton. Port Orange, FL

MUDOKWAN CENTER - the largest martial arts school in Austria.
Ship Pal Gi, Korean Kung Fu  
Korean Kung Fu school.
Tukong Moosul  
American Martial Arts Academy Home Page
WIU Traditional Korean Royal Court Martial Arts
World Of Korean Traditional Martial Arts
World Wide Martial Arts 
Kuk Sool, Hapkido, Taekwondo, Muay Thai, Weapons
Yang's Kung Jung Mu Sul Martial Arts Academy