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Controversial HKD FAQ
Likewise, some really good questions....and answers...on Hapkido, Master David N. Beck

Controversial TKD FAQ  
Some really good questions....and answers...on Taekwondo, Master David N. Beck

How to Fold your Dobok
As demonstrated on Master Geoff Booth's IHA Website.

How to Tie your Belt
Also from Master Geoff Booth's IHA Website.

Introduction to Korean  
Online intro to the Korean language.

JCS Korean Boxing History Paper
Fighting Spirit: An Introductory History of Korean Boxing, 1926-1945

Korean Martial Arts FAQ 
Korean martial Arts questions & answers by Scott Shaw, Ph.D.

People and Events of T'aekwondo's Formative Years
This is the most recent published version of my t'aekwondo with a few modifications.  The article was published in volume 6, issue 1, of the Journal of Asian Martial Arts (1997), by Dakin Burdick.
Historical Background of the Korean Martial Arts
Includes Ancient Korea and the Foundations for the Korean Martial Arts, up to present day. By Scott Shaw, Ph.D
Korean Martial Arts FAQ
Ray Terry's Martial Arts Resource website on-line Korean Martial Arts FAQ.

Korean Online Dictionaries
English to Korean, and Korean to English translation, 29,479 words and phrases in each.

Lineage of Korean Arts
Hwarangdo - Hapkido - Taekwondo and all original Korean Martial arts organizations.

Animated Judging quiz
Tournament judging is an enjoyable and challenging responsibility that can be an excellent learning experience. We offer this quiz to help you learn the various calls both easy and challenging that are involved with judging. There are two quizzes one for actual calls and one for tournament terminology.

Virtual Centre For Learning & Teaching Korean
Site for learning basic Korean